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Lets Go!

For those of you that are making your first trip to Swain Post here are some basic directions on how to get to our landing, this is where you will park your vehicle for the week, we pick you up by boat and make the trip to the camp.

Our landing is about 4.5 hours into Canada. From International Falls MN, you will cross into Fort Francis Ontario Canada, take Highway 11 to Highway 502 to Dryden (make sure you get fuel in International Falls or Fort Francis, there isn't a stop until you get to Dryden), when you get to Dryden you can stop and get groceries if you need to, otherwise turn right onto Highway 594 then left onto Gordon Road at the stop lights take a left onto Highway 17 to Vermillion Bay. Turn Right onto Highway 105 North to Ear Falls.

When you come into Ear Falls turn right on Highway 657 (Goldpines Rd.) you are going to follow the Swain Post Camp Signs, drive about 3Km (2mi) and turn left onto Wenasaga Rd. Drive about 1Km (3/4 mi) and turn left onto South Bay Road. Drive northeast for 49 Km (30mi), past Joyce Rd., and turn left to Swain Post Camp, there will be a Y in the road, go to the left at the end will be the public access, our landing is to the right.

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